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The First Rasta

Directed by Helene Lee

A revealing historical documentary that explores the life of Leonard Percival Howell (1898 – 1981), the founder of the most popular mystical movement of the 20th century, Rastafarianism.

Independência: Memories of Colonialism in Angola

Directed by Marío Bastos

A powerful documentary on the Angolan struggle for independence, Independência examines the labyrinths of history and memory, both collective and individual.


Directed by Wagner Moura

Facing a violent military dictatorship and an intimidated opposition, writer-turned-politician Carlos Marighella articulates a resistance all the while ousting heinous crimes of torture and the infamous censorship instituted by the regime.

Plácido, The Blood Of The Poet

Directed by Sergio Giral

Placido portraits the dramatic story of Gabriel de la Concepcio Valdes (Placido), a mulatto Cuban poet accused of leading a conspiracy against the Spanish colonial government.

Spirits of Rebellion: Black Cinema at UCLA

Directed by Zeinabu Irene Davis

This film chronicles the critically acclaimed yet relatively unknown black filmmakers and media artists collectively known as the Los Angeles Rebellion.

W.A.R The Walter Rodney story + Q&A

Directed by Clairmont Chung

This documentary looks at the life of Dr Walter Rodney, one of the region’s great intellectuals and activists whose reach extended far beyond his native Guyana.