The Green Book: Guide to Freedom – Q&A

Directed by Yoruba Richen

Discover the real story of the Green Book, the guide that changed how black people traveled in America. The new documentary, The Green Book: Guide to Freedom, looks at how the historic travel guide helped black motorists.  Q&A with director Yoruba Richen after the screening!

The Green Book: Guide To Freedom is a timely film on Green’s handbook of the same name. His guide listed over 9,500 venues where Black vacationers were welcome. But it’s only an afterthought in the fictional film that bears its title. Although that film wone Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) — it glosses over the significance of The Green Book in favor of narrowing the focus to the prevalence of White ignorance. That curious omission makes the origin story of The Green Book even more crucial. Director Yoruba Richen reveals it in a documentary that is equal parts proud and tragic.” Andrew Ricketts – BET

Dates & Times
Teachers College

Sat, Mar 30
7:40 pm