CATCH A FIRE (Shown with Barrow: Freedom Fighter)

Directed by Menelik Shabazz

Catch a Fire tells the story of Deacon Paul Boggle, often described as a 19th century Malcom X of Jamaica. 30 years after the end of slavery in Jamaica, the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865 provoked outrage in Victorian Britain shaping race and land attitudes. The story is constructed using extensive interviews with Paul Boggle’s grand son as well as archive material.


BARROW: FREEDOM FIGHTER (Shown with Catch a Fire)

Directed by Marcia Weekes

BARROW: FREEDOM FIGHTER, is a passionate story about the courage of one man who relentlessly preached a gospel of economic self-reliance and self-respect to the people of his native country Barbados and beyond.

Dates & Times
Teachers College

Sat, Mar 2
7:00 pm