The Republic of the Corrupt (Burkina Faso)

La République Des Corrompus

Directed by Salam Zampaligré

Screening 12/12/2019 at 1:00pm at Cinema Village


We are in a republic where all the machinations to conquer and manage power are implemented with no second thoughts. David Bakyono is an intellectual appreciated for his excellent books, but who allows himself to be corrupted by politics. 


He wants at any cost to obtain a seat in the National Assembly. It is in the midst of the electoral campaign, marked by the purchase of votes and the muzzling of the press, that Yasmine, a young journalist from the newspaper Global Presse, seeks to carry out a dangerous investigation that will lead to casualties among Yasmine’s relatives. Firm and determined, Yasmine will face various forms of intimidation in her quest for the truth. His love affair with Alex, a fiery young pan-Africanist, also takes a hit because of her investigation.



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Thu, Dec 12
12:30 pm