The Magic of Nigeria (Nigeria)

Directed by Ola Balogun

Screening 12/06/2019 at 1:00pm at Cinema Village


This documentary explores the vitality of ancient African traditions regarding the links between life and death. For most Africans, death is not the end of existence. The dead continue to live in a parallel world, from which they watch over us, but they remain invisible unless we create intermediaries in our midst to materialize their presence. 

The documentary illustrates the remarkable variety of both contemporary and traditional art forms-from sculpture, carvings, paintings, bead portraits, and dance-as well as funeral ceremonies and other related rituals that maintain these links in the religious, artistic and daily life of the people of Nigeria.




Glorious Exit (Nigeria)

Directed by Kevin Merz

Jarreth Merz, a Swiss-Nigerian actor living in Los Angeles, is summoned to Nigeria to bury his father. Nigerian tradition mandates the eldest child to take charge of a father’s burial.

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Cinema Village

Fri, Dec 6
1:00 pm

Cinema Village

Fri, Dec 6
1:30 pm