Pixelia (India)

Directed by Ratheesh Ravindran

Screening 12/10/2019 at 9:30pm at Cinema Village


Kumar, a bachelor in his thirties leaves his corporate job in Kochi to become a graphic novelist. He embarks on a new life as an Uber driver while working on his graphic novel titled ‘Pixelia’. One day a transgender named Mandakini gets into his cab and that day changes Kumar’s life forever. 

Kumar and Mandakini spend the whole day where they open each other’s minds. Mandakini shares her past life and her desire to adopt a child while Kumar narrates the story of his graphic novel to her. Deriving inspirations from Comic books and Popular Culture, Pixelia is a mix of Yakshi (demon), sex robots and characters out of 80s B-grade Malayalam porn movies.



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Blackn3ss (Brazil)

Directed by Diego Paulino

Between melanin and far away planets, Blackn3ss is a journey into the lives of Sao Paulo Black youth. An exploration of blackness, queerness and spatial aspirations for the children of the Diaspora.

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ADIFF 2019 LGBTQ Program – Films, Discussion & Reception

This program includes four films showing the stories of queer folk as they navigate in communities of color. Get a Day Pass for the program on December 7

Dates & Times
Cinema Village

Tue, Dec 10
9:30 pm