Havana Habibi (USA, Cuba)

Directed by Tiffany Madera

Screening 12/07/2019 at 5:15pm at Cinema Village


In 2003, Tiffany Madera aka “Hanan,” enraged her Cuban family in Miami by getting on a plane to Havana to participate in an artistic exchange that led to the formation of Cuba’s first Arabic dance troupe; Grupo Aisha Al-Hanan. 

The troupe founded by Hanan was composed of eight women at the University of Havana’s History Department. A live band of musicians shortly followed from Havana’s colorful and diverse music scene. Guided by hanan, Grupo Aisha Al Hanan; quickly gained notoriety around Cuba despite its departure from State- Sanctioned Culture and Art models. A grassroots cultural movement ensued.

Directed by  2019, US/Cuba, 69min, documentary,  English and Spanish w/ English subtitles.

Q&A with director after each screening

Plays in

Dates & Times
Cinema Village

Sat, Dec 7
5:15 pm