Fear No Gumbo (stop stealing our sh*t), (USA)

Directed by Kimberly Rivers- Roberts

Kimberly Rivers-Roberts knows the false hope and failure Black folks are experiencing because the community isn’t bouncing back fast enough from the devastation caused by Katrina. 

These are her mothers, fathers, grandmothers and relatives and neighbors that are being misled at a vulnerable time. She can’t stand by and watch them get taken advantage of by these “culture projects” that seem innocent and neutral but are not. In fear No Gumbo (stop stealing our sh*t) Kimberly goes on a journey and takes her small daughter Skyy to prove to her that change can happen only if you stand up for yourself and community. 

Q&A with director Kimberly Rivers-Roberts after the screening!

Plays in

Katrina: 14 Years Later: From Hope to Deception

In this program, we will be screening two films that look at the devastating effects of Katrina. 14 years later, the communities affected are still working hard to bounce back.

Dates & Times
MIST Harlem

Thu, Dec 5
8:50 pm

MIST Harlem

Thu, Dec 5
7:00 pm

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