Fallen Angels (Egypt)

Gannat Al Shayateen

Directed by Ossama Fawzi

Screening 12/10/2019 at 3:20pm at Cinema Village


A homeless man dies of a heart attack in a popular Cairo neighborhood. He was once an ideal husband and represented security for his family. Then one day, everything changed. Upon his death his friends from the underworld drag the corpse around for a whole night of madness, drinking and hallucinating situations. A game with death where the dead man becomes more alive than the living and fallen angels live according to their own rules, laws and desires in the chaos of the Egyptian capital. The film is based on a famous short story written by the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado.
“One of the most original and audacious Egyptian productions of the 1990s” ~ Joseph Fahim

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Spotlight On Egypt

Egypt is one of the African countries with a strong cinematographic movement. The works of filmmakers like Youssuf Chahine, Ayten Amin, Atteyat al-Abnoudy, Yousry Nasrallah, Oussama Fawzi and others are good examples of a very strong film culture.

Dates & Times
Cinema Village

Tue, Dec 10
3:20 pm