Blackn3ss (Brazil)

Directed by Diego Paulino

Between melanin and far away planets, Blackn3ss is a journey into the lives of Sao Paulo Black youth.  An exploration of blackness, queerness and spatial aspirations for the children of the Diaspora. 

Shown with Pixelia on Saturday, Dec. 7 – LGBTQ Program

Shown with Baobab Flowers on Sunday, Dec. 8 – Resistance in Brazil Program





Pixelia (India)

Directed by Ratheesh Ravindran

Kumar, a bachelor in his thirties leaves his corporate job in Kochi to become a graphic novelist. He embarks on a new life as an Uber driver while working on his graphic novel titled ‘Pixelia’.

Plays in

LGBTQ+ Films

This program includes four films showing the stories of queer folk as they navigate in communities of color. Get a Day Pass for the program on December 7

Spotlight On Brazil Program

Brazil is an immense country with a population of more than 200 million inhabitants. More than 50% of the Brazilian population…

Dates & Times
Cinema Village

Sun Dec 8
4:30 pm

Cinema Village

Tue Dec 10
9:30 pm

Cinema Village

Sun Dec 8
12:00 pm