Short Films: Made in His Image, What Are You? & Baobab Flowers

  • 2019
  • 72 mins
  • Washington DC premiere

Made in His Image (12 minutes)

A true story of a young black girl who experiences bullying from her classmates. Hurt and confused, she later finds strength from her mother’s story.

Directed by Anah Ambuchi, USA, 2019, Documentary, English


What Are You? (20 minutes)

In this revealing short documentary, eleven people with a range of backgrounds discuss what it’s like being of mixed racial heritage within the context of North America. Each of the participants presents their unique outlook on growing up mixed and the challenges they’ve faced in their lives.

Directed by Richard B. Pierre, Canada, 2019, Documentary, English

Baobab Flowers (40 minutes)

Baobab Flowers is a documentary that explores education inequality as a global issue in black communities. It shows the stories of two educators, leaders and mothers: Priscila in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Nyanza, in Philadelphia, United States. The film follows their personal journeys as they navigate educational, racial and social inequality in their communities.

Directed by Gabriela Watson-Burkett, USA/Brazil, 2019, Documentary, Portuguese, English

Dates & Times
GWU Marvin Centre

Sun, Aug 11
10:30 am