Fallen Angels’ Paradise

Ganaat Al Shayateen

Directed by Oussama Fawzi

Cast: Mahmoud Hamida Hobba

20th Anniversary screening!

A formerly successful man dies of an overdose and has an afterlife of sorts when his boozy comrades take his corpse for one last night on the town while, at the same time, his semi-crazy daughter tries to make arrangements for a “proper” funeral.

“Intriguingly modern in look and idiom, “Fallen Angels’ Paradise” convincingly depicts Cairo’s upper and lower depths in the surrealistic story of a man who refuses to die. Finely lensed and acted, this second feature confirms the promise of Oussama Fawzi’s directing debut, “The Asphalt Kings,” while taking the storytelling into more daring, at times humorous, areas.” – Variety

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