Something of Value

Directed by Richard Brooks

In Kenya, Peter (Rock Hudson), the son of a white settler, forms a tight friendship with Kimani (Sidney Poitier), a Kenyan worker. After Kimani’s father is imprisoned for enforcing a controversial tribal tradition, Kimani realizes his place is among the Mau Mau, a group that is organizing a revolt. Under the leadership of the Mau Mau chief (Juano Hernandez), the Mau Mau attack Peter’s brother-in-law Jeff (Robert Beatty) with tragic results, inspiring Peter to take action. When the two finally come face to face again, peace is hard to establish.



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Plays in

Juano Hernandez

The program Juano Hernandez, an Afro-Latino Actor in Hollywood features five films with this Puerto Rican who became the first Afro-Latino actor to work in Hollywood.

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