Dark City Beneath The Beat

Directed by TT the Artist

Dark City Beneath The Beat is an audiovisual experience that defines the soundscape  of Baltimore city. Inspired by an all original Baltimore club music soundtrack, the film spotlights local  club artists, DJs, dancers, producers, and Baltimore’s budding creative community as they are realising their life dreams. Rhythmic and raw, these stories illustrate the unique characteristics of the city’s landscape and social climate through music, poetry, and dance. From the city’s social climate to its creative LGBTQ community, Dark City Beneath The Beat showcases Baltimore club music as a positive subculture in a city overshadowed by trauma, drugs, and violence.



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contact name: color creative tv
contact email: contact@colorcreative.tv

Plays in

Art, Resistance and Activism Program

ADIFF’s Art, Resistance and Activism program presents a selection of 18 films celebrating art – including poetry, music, dance, painting, filmmaking, and sculpting – as a force for social change.