Afro-Latino films have been part of the editorial line of ArtMattan Films and ADIFF since 1993.

More than 10 million Africans were brought by force to the “New World” over a period of 400 years and over 90 percent of those landed in the Caribbean and the so called “Latin America.”  The size of the Afro-Latino population is significant. Yet, the number of films by and about Afro-Latinos is ridiculously small, which illustrates the high level of discrimination and marginalization still faced by these populations today.

Over the years, ArtMattan Films and ADIFF have showcased films focusing on the Afro-Latino experience coming from Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and more. Some of those films are brought back in the ADIFF Afro-Latino film series at the end of April which includes special programs such as “Afro-Latino Music of South America” featuring the documentaries Candombe from Uruguay and Susana Baca: Memoria Viva from Peru and the “Afro-Latino History” program with Sons of Benkos from Colombia and The Esmeraldas Beach from Ecuador.

Discover 18 films about the Afro-Latino experience!  Support ADIFF with a $7 minimum per film or purchase the Afro-Latino Film Series All Access Pass for $65.


Tango negro: The African Roots of Tango by Dom Pedro (France, Argentina, Uruguay, Angola)

The Mali Cuba Connection by Richard Minier (France, Mali, Cuba)

La Playa DC by Juan Andres Arango Garcia (Colombia, France, Brazil)

Goodbye Momo by Leonardo Ricagni (Uruguay)

Denying Brazil by Joel Zito Araujo (Brazil)

Marighella by Wagner Moura (Brazil)

Afro-Latino Music of South America Program:
Susana Baca by Mark Dixon (Peru, Belgium) & Candombe by Rafael Deugenio (Uruguay)

Afro-Latino History:
Sons of Benkos by Lucas Silva (Colombia, France) &  The Esmeraldas Beach by Patrice Raynal (Ecuador, France)

Angelica by Marisol Gómez-Mouakad (Puerto Rico)

The Valley of the Black Descendants by Richard Salgado (Chile)

Black Mexicans by Jorge Perez Solano (Mexico)

El Mestizo by Mario Handler (Venezuela)

Kafe Negro by Mario Delatour (Haiti/Cuba)

Councilwoman by Margo Guernsey (USA/Dominican Republic)

Short Films Program:
Invisible Color
 by Sergio Giral (U.S) &  White Like the Moon by Marina Gonzalez Palmier (U.S)