Woven – NYADIFF 2017 : NYADIFF


Woven – NYADIFF 2017

 US | 2017 | 96 minutes | English | Salome Mulugeta and Nagwa Ibrahim NY PREMIERE

SAT, Nov. 25 @ 8pm – TC Cowin – GALA TICKETS HERE 
Red Carpet @ 7:00pm

Also screens on SUN, Dec. 3 @ 9:10pm – Cinema village TICKETS HERE 

Attempting to integrate her mother’s traditions with her own dreams, Ethiopian-born Elenie Tariku’s life is destroyed when a mysterious crime in New York takes the life of her only brother. As Elenie searches for the truth behind his death, her life intertwines with an intriguing man whose own personal turmoil brings them together for better or worse.

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