The Last Revolutionary – The Best of ADIFF : NYADIFF


The Last Revolutionary – The Best of ADIFF

 USA | 2017 | 75 minutes | English | Michael Brewer

FRI, Jan. 12 @ 7PM – TC Chapel


Mac Perkins is in his Los Angeles throwback hideout, plotting to stop an attack from the far right and racist groups around the country. When his old ex-revolutionary buddy Jack Armstrong, whom he has not seen in several years, finds him, Jack challenges Mac’s political stance and his notion that there is a need for a so-called revolution. The two men hash out political ideas and ideology as Jack attempts to make Mac see that his methods are archaic and his plans old-fashioned. During the dramatic and humorous interchange between these two old friends whose lives have taken much different paths, secrets are exposed about both men personally and politically that lead to a life and death confrontation. Celebrated actress Marla Gibbs makes a cameo appearance as Mac’s friend Millie.

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