Sins of the Flesh : NYADIFF


Sins of the Flesh

Directed by Khaled el Hagar, Egypt, 2016, 125 min, Drama, Arabic with English subtitles

Cinema Village (22 E 12th St ) 

From one of Egypt’s most controversial and taboo-breaking filmmakers comes a drama of betrayal, passion and political upheaval.  Set against the Egyptian revolution as a backdrop, the story is built around four people who live on a desert farm. It examines issues of love, revenge, passion and the misuse of power that illustrates the larger conflicts in the country…

The film caused a firestorm of media debate over freedom of expression in its home country. Ironically, even under the newer government, the film was censored and subjected to numerous edits before Egyptians could view it. It’s a scathing critique of the establishment, building to an unflinching ending that questions where the revolution is headed and what it has accomplished.

FRI,Dec .1 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village – TICKETS
SAT,Dec.2 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village TICKETS
SUN,Dec.3 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village TICKETS
MON,Dec.4 @ 1 pm – Cinema VillageTICKETS
TUE, Dec.5 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village TICKETS
WED,Dec.6 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village TICKETS
THU,Dec. 7 @ 1 pm – Cinema Village TICKETS

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