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The African Diaspora International Film Festival grants media accreditation to a limited number of professional arts and entertainment journalists.

New Accreditation Requests for Journalists and Photographers

To request accreditation, you must fill out the ADIFFressAccreditationForm and fax it to (212) 316-6020 or e-mail it at

To request screeners, please fill out the ScreenersRequestFormADIFF and fax it to (212) 316-6020 or e-mail it at

You are requested to submit the following:

  • A letter from your editor/producer on company letterhead that assigns you to cover the Festival, states the intention to publish/air your reports, and specifies in as much detail as possible the type of coverage you are planning (e.g. overview of the Festival, interviews with directors, reviews of films, etc.);
  • recent coverage of either a film festival, a film related story, or an arts/entertainment story written or produced by you;
  • and a recent copy of your publication/program with circulation information.

No new accreditation requests are considered without the above. Submission of the above does not guarantee accreditation and MUST be received well before the accreditation deadline. You will be notified as to the status of your accreditation request within about three weeks. Pending approval of your request, you are sent an accreditation form.

For the New York festival, please submit the Press Accreditation Request Form by November 21 of each year at the latest.

Please note: The African Diaspora International Film Festival considers only a limited number of new requests per year and priority is given to returning journalists; early application betters your chance of accreditation but in NO WAY GUARANTEES IT. Press accreditation to the African Diaspora Film Festival is entirely at the discretion of the Press Office.

Returning journalists

If you attended lat year’s Festival, submitted your coverage from last year, and are in good standing, you may request an accreditation form in early October.  Accreditation forms must be submitted on or before November 21 of each year. Please do not photocopy the accreditation form; only originals are accepted. If you know of journalists who would like to attend the African Diaspora International Film Festival, please have them follow the procedures under “New Requests.” If you have attended the Festival in the past but missed last year, please contact Diarah N’Daw-Spech in the Press Office at the address above. Please ensure we have your correct affiliation, email, and mailing address. If your affiliation and/or address has changed, please notify the Press Office as soon as possible. Accreditation for the following year  is based, in part, on receipt of coverage prior year’s to May 1.