The Black Mozart in Cuba & Torments of Love – ADIFF Chicago : NYADIFF


The Black Mozart in Cuba & Torments of Love – ADIFF Chicago

Facets Cinémathèque
1517 W. Fullerton Ave,
Chicago, IL 60614

Sunday, June 11 @ 2pm

Stories from Guadeloupe: Torments of Love & Black Mozart in Cuba

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Two sisters go to their deceased grandmother’s house to sort her belongings. When Vanessa learns that Myriam has also invited their father for lunch, it is too late to escape and the confrontation is inevitable. Facing this distant father, the older sister tries to hide her wounds behind a mask of perfection, whereas the younger one chooses cynicism and provocation. By Caroline Jules, Guadeloupe, 2015, 50 min, Creole / French, subtitled in English





Chicago Premiere!

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Joseph Boulogne, Le Chevalier de St George, was a Black classical composer and violin virtuoso born in Guadeloupe in the mid 18th century. The son of a slave and her master, he achieved enormous success as a musician, fencer, and military man. Yet, when he died in 1799, he was all but erased from history. The Black Mozart in Cuba is the latest act in the rehabilitation of the memory of this extraordinary human being. The film skillfully combines biographical information with performances of his works. The event, held in Cuba in 2005 in his honor, is truly engaging and important and inspired a remarkable film. By Steve (Director) and Stéphanie (writer) JAMES, Guadeloupe, 2006, 52 min, Documentary, French/English/Spanish with English subtitles

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