Directed by Cory Bowles, Canada, 2017, Drama, 91 min, English

Sat, Jan. 13 @ 4:30pm – TC Chapel


A Black police officer (Ronnie Rowe Jr.) seeks revenge after being egregiously profiled and assaulted by his colleagues, in this searing political satire by actor-director Cory Bowles (Trailer Park Boys). 

Chicago International Film Festival 2017 – Black Cop REVIEW

 “Much like Bronx Gothic, which follows another black artist who made a performance piece about how their blackness is perceived, the movie Black Cop judges us as much as we judge the title character.

Ronnie Rowe plays the cop who goes unnamed throughout the movie (along with everyone else), and his chosen profession has led to a lonely existence indeed. Not only do many of his fellow officers distrust him, but other black people are quick to call him a sellout and worse, as poignantly shown at a Black Lives Matter rally where many activists scream in his face about how much worse he is than white cops who actually shoot the unarmed. Rowe takes it because he feels that doing the job is worth it for reasons that are not fully revealed until the film’s poignant ending. But one day, when he is out of uniform, he’s stopped by some officers for no reason and treated in a humiliating fashion, he finds he can take no more.

So the next time he’s out on the job, he strangles a fellow cop who is harassing two young black youths until the officer loses consciousness. Rather than feeling remorseful, he discovers he loves the rush that comes with exacting vengeance on the white and privileged, and soon he is beating a white jogger with his baton, roughing up a white couple, tasering the man and forcibly wrestling the woman to the ground.

In one of the film’s most brilliantly unsettling forms of commentary, all these horrific acts are shown via his body cam so that it looks disturbingly similar to YouTube videos of real-life police brutality, allowing director Cory Bowles to interrogate us and our preconceived notions…”  More HERE

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