ANGELICA – Q&A and Reception! : NYADIFF


ANGELICA – Q&A and Reception!

Directed by Marisol Gomez |Mexico/ Puerto rico | 2016 | Drama | 97 min | Spanish/ English

SAT, March. 24 @ 8pm   TICKETS HERE 

Q&A with the director after the screening and reception!

After her black father suffers a heart attack, Angelica, played by newcomer Michelle Nonó Rodriguez, returns to Puerto Rico from New York after a long absence from the island.

The unexpected return to the house where she grew up, plus her father’s illness, forces the young woman to re-evaluate her relationship with her white mother, who has always looked down on her because of her color. Family members, especially her uncle, are blatantly racist, but label Angelica as simply being overly sensitive. To complicate matters, her partner in New York is sexist. When he travels to Puerto Rico to take his “pretty black girl” back to New York, Angelica is forced to recognize that she is really not sure who she is or what she wants to be.

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