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Chapel Fri Nov. 29 2pm Maestra & Grenada: Colonialism and Conflict – Q&A
Chapel Fri Nov. 29 4pm Borders
Symphony Space Fri Nov. 29 7:30pm OPENING – Q&A only
Symphony Space Fri Nov. 29 7:30pm OPENING – Q&A & VIP Reception
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 1:30pm Jews of Egypt – Q&A
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 4pm NY’s Dirty Laundry – Q&A
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 6:30pm Hill and Gully – Q&A & Reception
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 1pm The Glass Ceiling
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 3pm Blue Caprice – Q&A
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 5pm The Zero Hour
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 7pm Zabana!
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 9:10pm Amnesty & Mother of George-Q&A
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 2pm Objection 6 &Stateless
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 4pm The Stuart Hall Project
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 6pm Tula The Revolt
Thalia Sun Dec. 1 1pm Jews of Egypt – Q&A
Thalia Sun Dec. 1 3:30pm Prospect & Chasing Shakespeare- Q&A
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 11am Kirikou & The Sorceress
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 6pm The Miscreants
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 8pm TBA
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 11am Good-Bye Momo
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 6:00pm Reflections Unheard Black Women in Civil Rights – Q&A
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 8:30pm Zabana!
Thalia Tue Dec. 3 6pm The Irresistible Rise of Moise Katumbi – Q&A
Thalia Tue Dec. 3 8:30pm Sable Fable – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 11am Good-Bye Momo
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 6pm Sable Fable – Q&A
179 GD Wed Dec. 4 6pm FUNDRAISER Reception
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 8pm Kampala Story & Sweet, Sweet
Chapel Thu Dec. 5 11am Kirikou & The Sorceress
179 GD Thu Dec. 5 7pm I Don’ Been Through The Snake’s Skin & Come Out Clean -Q&A
Chapel Fri Dec. 6 11am Filling the Gap
Cowin Fri Dec. 6 7:30pm The African Cypher – Q&A – Reception
Quad Fri Dec. 6 10pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Fri Dec. 6 1pm The Pirogue
Quad Fri Dec. 6 3pm Return to Goree
Quad Fri Dec. 6 5:10pm Dust &Scrapper
Quad Fri Dec. 6 7:30pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Black S. Sat Dec. 7 2pm Aluku Liba
Black S. Sat Dec. 7 4pm Catch a FireGrenada: Colonialism and Conflict
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 1pm Looking for Life
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 3pm Fatal Assistance
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 5pm Ayiti Toma, The Land of the Living  – Q&A & Reception
Cowin Sat. Dec. 7 8:00pm GALA: Alice Walker Beauty in Truth
Quad Sat Dec. 7 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Sat Dec. 7 2:50pm Taste of Rain
Quad Sat Dec. 7 4:40pm Jews of Egypt
Quad Sat Dec. 7 6:35pm Prospect & Chasing Shakespeare
Quad Sat Dec. 7 9:30pm Chapter One & Love Triangle-Q&A
Cowin Sun Dec. 8 5pm CENTERPIECE  Youths of Shasha & Nishan
Quad Sun Dec. 8 1pm The Pirogue
Quad Sun Dec. 8 3pm The Last Song Before The War – Q&A
Quad Sun Dec. 8 5:30pm Legends of Madagascar – Q&A
Quad Sun Dec. 8 7:50pm Chikin Bizniz
Quad Sun Dec. 8 10pm La Playa D.C.
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 2pm Dust &Scrapper
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 4pm Raltat – Q&A
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 6:30pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Quad Mon Dec. 9 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Mon Dec. 9 2:50pm One People
Quad Mon Dec. 9 5pm Joy, it’s Nina & A Man’s Story
Quad Mon Dec. 9 7:30pm Raltat – Q&A
Quad Mon Dec. 9 9:40pm Zabana!
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 11am Masai: The Rain Warriors
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 6pm The New Public – Q&A
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 8:30pm The Last Song Before The War – Q&A
Quad Tue Dec. 10 1pm A Common Enemy
Quad Tue Dec. 10 2:35pm Objection 6 &Stateless
Quad Tue Dec. 10 4pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Tue Dec. 10 6pm TBA
Quad Tue Dec. 10 8:30pm Legends of Madagascar
Thalia Tue Dec. 10 6pm The Miscreants
Thalia Tue Dec. 10 8pm Blue Caprice – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 11am Red, White, Black & Blue
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 6pm African Independence – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 8:40pm The Zero Hour
Quad Wed Dec. 11 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Wed Dec. 11 3pm Borders
Quad Wed Dec. 11 5:15pm Tula The Revolt
Quad Wed Dec. 11 7:30pm A Common Enemy
Quad Wed Dec. 11 9:20pm Return to Goree
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 11am Red, White, Black & Blue
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 6pm Raltat
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 8pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Quad Thu Dec. 12 1pm The Journey of the Lion
Quad Thu Dec. 12 2:50pm The First Rasta
Quad Thu Dec. 12 4:40pm The Story of Lovers Rock
Quad Thu Dec. 12 7pm The Stuart Hall Project
Quad Thu Dec. 12 9pm Made in Jamaica
Chapel Fri Dec. 13 11am Filling the Gap
Chapel Fri Dec. 13 6pm Chikin Bizniz – Q&A
Cowin Fri Dec. 13 8:30pm AFRO-LATINO NIGHT
Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango & Candombe
Black Spectrum Sat Dec. 14 2pm Return to Goree
Black Spectrum Sat Dec. 14 4:30pm The Pirogue
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 11am Abolicao
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 2pm Abdias do Nascimento
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 4pm Daughters of the Wind – Q&A
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 6pm Fan Do Brazil – Q&A
Cowin Sat Dec. 14 8pm GALA – Race
Chapel Sun Dec. 15 2pm Wooden Camera – Q&A
Chapel Sun Dec. 15 4pm Dina & Elelwani -Q&A & Reception
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 1:30pm Papa National Oye! & Kinshasa Mboka Te
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 3:30pm Tula The Revolt
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 5:30pm Amnesty & Mother of George-Q& A
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 8pm CLOSING – Spies of Mississippi


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