Abdias Do Nascimento! : NYADIFF


Abdias Do Nascimento!

Dir. Aida Marques | 2011 | 95 min | Brazil | Documentary | Portuguese with English subt.

Profile below by Fernando Bola, director of Brazil’s TV Camara (no English subtitles)


Sunday, March 25th @  3:00PM — TICKETS HERE

Born in Sao Paulo, Abdias do Nascimento founded the Black Experimental Theater in 1944 -Teatro Experimental do Negro – in reaction to the fact that roles of black actors were being played regularly by white people in black faces. Mr Nascimento lived in exile for several years, a period during which he remained very active in the Pan-African Movement. He was a professor in several institutions of Higher Education in the United States including Yale School of Drama and the University of Buffalo. Back in Brazil, he became actively involved in the fight for social justice and the human dignity of the Afro-Brazilian.


Abdias do Nascimento passed away at the age of 97, after a long life dedicated to Brazil’s Black social movement. Abdias was also an artist of multiple sensibilities. The Afro-Brazilian scholar, writer, activist and politician Abdias do Nascimento (1930-2011) was a significant figure in and leader in Brazil’s Black  Movement and was very active in the international Pan-African Movement.

Through interviews with Ruth de Souza, Lea Garcia and other political and theater partners, the film portrays do Nascimento as an unforgettable Brazilian politician and activist



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